Round Hot Dogs Solve a Long-Standing Barbecue Dilemma

Say goodbye to being left with an awkward amount of hot dog and hamburger buns.

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than a grilled hot dog on a summer day. But as anyone who’s ever attended a barbecue knows, for some reason, the number of hot dogs available just never matches up with the number of buns. There’s always one or the other left unpaired.

Luckily, Rastelli’s is here to solve America’s hot dog dilemma. The family-owned butcher shop, which delivers meat directly to your door, has created something called Round Hot Dogs. Instead of boasting a cylindrical shape, these dogs are shaped like a typical hamburger, which means those hamburger buns are fit for double duty. Given the hamburger-esque shape of Round Hot Dogs, you don’t need to worry about purchasing hot dog buns and hamburger buns prior to your next cookout. Instead, you can use hamburger buns to successfully sandwich both BBQ staples.

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