Meet the Round Hot Dog That Almost Broke the Internet

We’ve eaten a lot of hot dogs in our day. In fact, we meticulously taste-tested 18 of the best hot dog brands out there for grilling season. From turkey franks to vegan brats to cheese dogs, there was certainly no shortage of variety in our experiment. Although, one hot dog that’s become the topic of heated conversation on social media was missing from our list: the iconic round dog. That’s right: Burger patty-shaped hot dogs are totally a thing (read: a divisive, surreal thing), thanks to Rastelli’s, a butcher shop that specializes in sustainable beef, pork, poultry and seafood. We chatted with Ray Rastelli, Jr., Rastelli’s founder and butcher of 40-plus years, to find out why he sought to shake up the grilling game forever. We also gave the round dogs a taste ourselves to find out if they’re worth the hype (or horror), because that’s how we roll. Read on for our honest take.

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