Meet the Round Dog

The Original Round Dog comes in two varieties:

Black Angus Beef

Made from 100% hand-trimmed, domestically-raised, Black Angus beef and our secret spice blend.

Pork & Black Angus Beef

This special blend starts out with select cuts of premium cuts of pork, sourced from small farms that we know and trust, blended with Black Angus beef and our secret seasoning.

After our select cuts of meat are hand-trimmed and just the right consistency to give our Round Dogs just the right bite, the mixture is stuffed inside a European-style casing before it’s smoked, slow-cooked, and chilled. Once cooled, we slice the Round Dogs into individual portions using our patented technology that creates a wavy design–we call ‘em, “Flavor Ridges.” 

The unique design of the Round Dog makes cooking super easy–no chasing it around the grill like you would with a traditional hot dog! And since more surface area is exposed to the heat, you’ll have a perfectly flavorful Round Dog every time.  

The additional surface area also means there’s more room for you to pile on all your favorite hot dog toppings. You can build a Round Dog the same way you would a burger (try topping it with mac & cheese or pulled pork!). The Flavor Ridges help the toppings stay on, rather than dripping off and creating a mess.  

You can also use just about any type of bun you can imagine! To put it simply, the Round Dog is, “everything you love about a hot dog, in the shape of a burger.”  

We only use

  • 100% Black Angus Beef
  • Premium cuts of pork
  • Natural wood for smoking
  • Freshly ground spices
  • Customized German-styled casings
  • TLC (Tender Loving Care)

We never add

  • Artificial preservatives
  • Nitrates or nitrites
  • Antibiotics or hormones
  • By-products or fillers
  • Artificial flavorings or MSG
  • Corn syrup

That’s the only way we know how to do it, and appreciate that you’ll recognize the difference after just one bite.

Nutrition Info

Angus Beef

Available Sizes

The Original Round Dog weighs in at a whopping 3.5 ounces, which is more than double the size of a traditional ball park hot dog.

Round Dogs are available in retail packs of 4-count (14 ounces), 6-count (21 ounces), and 8-count (28 ounces). Food service packs are 45-count (9 pounds,14 ounces) per case.